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Working with PHM

PHM LogoCPHE acts as an informal resource centre for the People’s Health Movement (PHM) network at the national and international levels.

SOCHARA’s involvement with PHM began when it participated in the formation of the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (PHM India), a network of 18 national organisations committed to Health For All.

SOCHARA was also involved with the organisation of the 1st People’s Health Assembly in Savar, Bangladesh in 2000. It has participated actively in the evolution of the global People’s Health Movement network. From January 2003 to June 2006 SOCHARA hosted the PHM Global Secretariat.

SOCHARA continues to be involved with the PHM network at different levels. CPHE is involved with PHM governance , Global Health Watch, International People’s Health University and policy advocacy. CHC focuses on PHM networks at the national level and facilitates the networking at state level. It acts as a hub of the Jana Aarogya Andolana Karnataka (PHM Karnataka) and the Makkal Nalavazhvu Iyakkam  (PHM Tamil Nadu) networks.

CHC and CPHE facilitated the IPHU Bangalore course on Health and Equity from 1 – 9 September, 2009.

CPHE is also involved with supporting country level mobilisation in many regions. These include Argentina, Germany, Kenya, Mali, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

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