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— Upcoming Events

In the month of October 201o  Center for Public Health and Equity (CPHE) Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action (SOCHARA) is going to organise following three events –

1 –  Collective Teaching (Quarterly teaching scheduled in Madhya Pradesh –              Community Health Fellowship Programme) (MP-CHFP) from 17th to 31st          October 2010

2 –  Advisory Group Meeting –  A group of 8 members consisting national and          international public health and community health experts  for Madhya              Predesh Community Health Fellowship Programme is going to meet on              October 25t, 2010.

3  – National Workshop on National Workshop on Community Health          & Public Health Learning Programs going to be organise  in                            association with Public Health Resource Network (PHRN) on October 26th        and 27th, 2010 in Pastoral Center Bhopal.

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