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CHFP Vision and Mission


The vision of the alternative Community Health Fellowship Program in Madhya Pradesh is to develop a critical mass of vibrant, optimistic community health professionals who:


The mission for the Madhya Pradesh CHFP initiative is to create and establish a system for training such practitioners in community health and public health through establishing –

  1. An Academic Framework – to develop the selection criteria, curriculum, educational and training design, assessment/evaluation processes, certification and accreditation in the course of the first three year phase;
  2. Mentoring – to create a group and a network of mentors through identification and capacity building of field mentors; to develop a framework of collaboration with field mentors and resource groups/academic institutions; and to link them to national and other groups.
  3. Organisational Systems and Processes – to set in place an advisory group; field office with financial, management, administrative and communication systems; core faculty and field staff; and processes of partnership with the health system.


This vision and mission will help to attain the goal of creating a group or critical mass of community health and public health practitioners, who work towards ‘better health and access to health care for the people and by the people’, as part of a transformation towards an inclusive society with peace, justice, health and well-being.

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