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Bangalore team


Dr. Thelma Narayan – Coordinator

ThelmaDr. Thelma Narayan is an epidemiologist, health policy analyst and activist who coordinates CPHE  and is director of the CPHE Madhya Pradesh Initiative. She is one of the original co-initiators of Community Health Cell (CHC).

Dr. Thelma Narayan currently works with various national health initiatives including the National Rural Health Mission and the National Health System Resource Centre. She was a member of the Task Force on Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka and has evolved public health and primary health care oriented state health policies in Karnataka and Orissa. She was a member of the Measurement and Evidence Knowledge Network of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health. She is an active member of the People’s Health Movement network and was the joint convenor of the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (PHM India) till recently. She is also a contributor to the Global Health Watch and a faculty member of the International People’s Health University.

Email: thelma@sochara.org

Dr. Ravi Narayan – Community Health Advisor

RaviDr. Ravi Narayan is a public health professional and health activist who currently works as an honorary Community Health Adviser at Centre for Public Health and Equity, Bangalore. His main interests include the community paradigm in health and the evolution of health as a social movement. He is one of the original co-initiators of Community Health Cell (CHC).

Dr. Ravi Narayan is an active member of the People’s Health Movement network. He was the joint convener of the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan till December 2002 and later coordinator of the Global Secretariat of People’s Health Movement from January 2003 to July 2006. Currently he is a member of WHO Advocacy Circle of PHM and also part of the PHM Steering Council and Coordinating Council. He is also associated with the Global Health Watch and a faculty of the International People’s Health University. He is a council member of the Global Forum for Health Research and founding governing body member of the Public Health Foundation of India. He is a member of the Task Force on Primary Health Care of the Planning Commission of India and is also closely associated with two major initiatives of the Central Ministry of Health, the National Rural Health Mission and the AYUSH and Public Health Initiative. He is also a member of the International Advisory Committee and the speciality advisor on public health of the British Medical Journal.

Email: chcravi@gmail.com

Mr. As Mohammad – Coordinator (asm@sochara.org)

Former faculty of Department of Community Health, St John’s Medical College, joined SOCHARA in 2011. By training, a statistician and demographer. Coordinates the fellowship programme in Bangalore.

Mr. Prasanna Saligram – Research Associate (prasanna.saligram@sochara.org)

Training in Engineering, Business Adminitration and Global Health (at Edinburgh), he works on health systems, governance and globalisation. Currently working on a study looking at equity aspects of medical tourism.

Mr. Chander SJ – Associate (chandersj@sochara.org)

Has been associated with SOCHARA since 1991, but also worked with ESI hospitals on their HIV programme between 2008 and 2012. Trained in Social Science and Public Health. Main areas are community building, advocacy against tobacco and alcohol, and urban health systems.

Mr. Prahlad IM – Training and Research Asssistant (prahlad@sochara.org)

Trained in Environmental Sciences, he has worked at SOCHARA since 2010. Primary work areas are community capacity building on sanitation and construction of low cost toilets.

Dr. Adithya Pradyumna – Research and Training Assistant (adithya@sochara.org)

Adithya, a graduate from St. John’s Medical College (MBBS) and  the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (MPH), is mainly interested in Environment and Health. He also has a PG Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development. His association with SOCHARA began in 2008 when he enrolled as a fellow with the Community Health Learning Programme. Following that, he worked briefly as a Research Assistant with the Regional Occupational Health Centre, ICMR, Bangalore. He has now been working with SOCHARA since 2011, and concentrates on research and training (as part of fellowship programmes) in Environmental Health, Epidemiology and Statistics.

Mr. Sabu J – Research Officer

Works on Social Exclusion and is involved with training the fellows in research methods and software.

Ms. Shani JS – Training Coordinator

Works with community health nursing policy and tribal health

Mr. Kumar – Training Coordinator

Assists in planning and coordinating the fellowship programme at SOCHARA, Bangalore

Dr. Rahul ASGR – Training facilitator

Participates in the training and management of fellows admitted to the community health learning programme (CHLP). He is also researching health aspects of migrant labourers.

Mr. HR Mahadevaswamy – Assistant Librarian

He oversees the operations of CLIC (Community health library and information centre) and the SOCHARA website. He is responsible for producing monthly newsletters Health Digest and Health Round-up, details of which can be found on the CLIC page.

Dr Deepak K – Research Assistant

Currently pursuing MSc Epidemiology


Mr Victor Fernandes – Administrative Officer

Mr. Matthew Alex – Secretarial and Accounts Assistant (cphe@sochara.org)

Matthew Matthew Alex completed his B.Com in 1984 and has experience working with  the finance sections of a number of organisations. He joined CHC in 2006 and and has been part of the CPHE Bangalore team since its inception in 2008. He ably manages the  CPHE accounts, correspondence, travel arrangements and all other administrative work.  He recently completed his MBA through correspondence.

Ms. Maria D – Office Secretary (chc@sochara.org)

Mr. Naveen – Accounts Assistant

Mr.Hariprasad Ojha – Office Assistant

Hariprasad Ojha joined CHC in 2000 as a watchman. He quickly became involved in the community health work of the centre and currently works as an office assistant in CPHE.

Mr. Tulsi – Office and Maintenance Assistant

Mr Tulsi joined SOCHARA in August 2012.

Ms. Kamalamma -Office Helper

Kamalamma has been working with CHC since 1996 as a office helper. She hails from Mandya.

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