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Announcement of the Selection Process for the Community Health Learning Program (CHLP) in Bangalore. October 31, 2012

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The program is facilitated and managed by:

The SOCHARA School of Public Health, Equity and Action (SOPHEA), Bangalore

  • Are you a young professional from a civil society / NGO, academic or government service background, considering a challenging vocation in public health with a strong commitment to community health and development?
  • Are you planning to join or work with the public health system/ the National Rural Health Mission?
  • Are you planning to support and participate in activities, campaigns, movements and processes to make “Health for All” a reality?
  • Do you want to understand the social, economic, cultural and ecological determinants of health and gain skills and experience in inter-sectoral action for health?
  • Would you like to make public health/community health a life option?
  • Do you have the aptitude to study and gain critical knowledge regarding community health and public health?



The Community Health Learning Program (CHLP) is a teaching learning program in community health. It is run by SOPHEA at the Community Health Cell (CHC) in Bangalore. SOPHEA includes multidisciplinary team members from CHC and the Centre for Public Health and Equity (CPHE) with expertise in community health, public health education and health policy. It promotes a new public
health paradigm focused on health equity; social justice; underlying social determinants of health including gender; community participation; inclusive and responsive health systems and healthy public policy development.

The CHLP is partially supported by the Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), Mumbai and carries a monthly stipend of Rs. 8000/- (eight thousand only) per month for participants.

Vision and Objective

The vision of this Community Health Learning Program in Bangalore is to develop a critical mass of vibrant, optimistic, community health/ public health practitioners, scholars & Health for All activists.  The one year program has 6 months of theory taught in an interesting way through modules and 6 months of field based experiential learning. The program will:

  • Promote life options in community health by offering a semi structured learning by SOPHEA in partnership with selected community health projects and field mentors
  • Strengthen the motivation, interest, and commitment of persons for community health.
  • Sharpen analytical skills and deepen the understanding of the social paradigm of community health.
  • Increase knowledge base and competencies in community health.

What do you gain from the CHLP?
A learning experience in Community Health and the ‘communitisation’ components of the public health system through a person and learner centric approach

  • An opportunity to learn from various community health initiatives in the country
  • A time to share, discuss, reflect on your learning experiences
  • An opportunity to be guided by mentors and explore future careers in community or public health.

When does the program start ?             Monday, 3rd December, 2012

How long is the program ?                              One year

How many positions are available ?        Twenty (20)

Who can apply?
Doctors (any system of medicine),  Dentists, Nurses, Allied health professionals, Medico-social workers, Persons with Social Science, Management and Law backgrounds,

Other relevant backgrounds may also be considered. It is an inter-disciplinary program which adds to the richness of learning from diverse perspectives.

Doctors and dentists are eligible with a Bachelor’s degrees (i.e., five and a half years training), while for social science candidates a post-graduation is required with an interest to work long term in community health / public health.
Weightage will be given to candidates who are women, adivasi, or from minority or marginalized groups and or from remote disadvantaged regions and populations.

Persons from any part of India may apply.

In what language will it be conducted?    English
Additionally – basic computer literacy is helpful
(SOCHARA has a 2 year program in Hindi in Madhya Pradesh. Other initiatives are conducted in Kannada and Tamil)

How to apply?

  • Write to the Coordinator, CHLP, Community Health Cell, SOCHARA, Bangalore by post or email (details given below), with your CV and a brief note on why you wish to join the program.(not more than 500 words)
  • Provide the names of at least two references with their postal address, telephone numbers and email address.
  • If you are working with an NGO or with the government health system, send a letter of sponsorship if any.
  • Candidates deputed/sponsored by the government or by an NGO will be given preference (This is however not mandatory).

Please do write to us for any further queries

The last date for receipt of applications is: Monday 12th November 2012.
Interviews will be held in Bangalore in the following week. Applicants will need to attend the interview at their own cost.

The Coordinator
Community Health Cell,
No.85/2, 1st Main,
Maruthinagara, Madiwala,
Bangalore – 560 068
Phone : 080-25531518 / 25525372 / 8884399607

Email: chlp@sochara.org


Update about the 2nd Batch of community health fellows August 23, 2012

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This is exciting,

20 young community health fellows from different regions of Madhya Pradesh Has been selected for the second batch of Community Health Fellowship Programme.

These 20 fellows are placed in 13 districts of Madhya Pradesh, working for the strengthening of Public Health System from below. To develop critical mass of young Public Health professionals in Madhya Pradesh is one of the key objective of the Community health fellowship programme.

One core training for 2 months, two cluster meetings for 3-3 days and one collective teaching programe for 2 weeks has been conducted so far.

The second collective teaching for two weeks is going to be organised from 24th September to 6th October 2012 at Jabalpur (M.P.). Maternal Health will be focused during the collective teaching.

The second batch is also maintaining a blog to share their views and experiences.

Announcement of 2nd Batch Madhya Pradesh Community Health Fellowship Program November 30, 2011

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Centre for Public Health and Equity invites applications from suitable candidates for the 2nd batch of Madhya Pradesh Community Health Fellowship Program starting from 2nd Feb 2012.  It is an ‘alternative learning through work, study and reflection program’ in community health and public health, based on a societal understanding or paradigm, using community based approaches that strengthen comprehensive primary health care systems, with a focus on the National Rural Health Mission at district and sub-district level.

How to Apply

  • निम्न दिए गए पते पर  Project Director, MP-CHFP, Centre for Public health and Equity को  ई -मेल लिखें और हार्ड कॉपी (अपने हस्ताक्षर सहित) भी भेजें ! साथ ही  यह भी लिखकर भेजें की आप यह कार्यक्रम क्यों करना चाहतें हें (एक पेज) !
  • Write to Project Director, MP-CHFP, Centre for Public health and Equity,  by post (with Signature) or email, with your CV and a brief note on why you wish to join the program and send on following address

Address –  27, (1st Floor), 6th Cross, 1st Main, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034.

  • अपने सी वी के साथ कम से कम दो लोगों के references उनके पूरे नाम, पते, मोबाईल या लैंड लाइन नंबर व् ई मेल के साथ भेजें !
  • Please provide at least two references with their name, postal address, telephone numbers and email address.

Last date for receipt of application will be:  25th December 2011

आपके आवेदन, अंतिम तिथि 25  दिसम्बर 2011  से पूर्वे ऊपर  दर्शाये गए  पते पर या निम्न ई- मेल पर  पहुँच जाने चाहिए   !

Email- cphe@sochara.org

Ph. – 080-41280009

Telephone inquiries may be made at the Bhopal CPHE Office at- 0755-2561511.

More details of  MP-CHFP can be downloaded from here in हिंदी  & English.

सभी आवेदनों को  CPHE के  बंगलोर स्थित कार्यालय को ही भेजें  !

National Workshop – Learning Programme for Community Health and Public Health October 7, 2010

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SOCHARA is organising a National Workshop on Community Health & Public Health Learning Programs in association with the PHRN (Public Health Resource Network) on 26th and 27th October 2010 in Pastoral Center Bhopal.

There has been an active process of engagement of  SOCHARA with the public health system co-creating spaces for community action for health and actively working with community based groups to populate and constructively & analytically utilize these spaces. This context has been reflected in the community health learning/fellowship programs in different ways. This workshop will be an occasion to share, exchange, learn and work together to improve and enhance our respective programs in the future.

The overall objectives of the workshop are

1. To share learnings regarding the Community Health Fellowship Programmes

2. To enable cross learning of processes and innovations of the different programmes

3. To explore possibilities of networking in community health training and work towards a SOCHARA civil society school of public health.

Background note for the workshop are follows

1 – Background note on CHLP

2 – Brief Note on the Fellowship Programme- PHRN

Please click on the link to find the directions to reach on the venue of National Workshop. The Pastoral  center is situated between 10 and 11 no Bus stops, near St. Joseph Co-ed School. While proceeding from 10 no. stop to 11 no. Bus stop, first left turn as mentioned in the link will lead toward pastoral Center.

Activities Update from MP-CHFP October 5, 2010

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The formal inauguration of the Resource Center for Public Health SOCHARA-CPHE was organized on 29th October 2009 followed by the organizational partners meeting at Pastoral Center Bhopal. This meeting was participated by 25 participants. These participants comprised of organizations, academicians, media people. Advisory group member Dr.Ajay Khare-Convenor Jan Swasthya Andolan, Ms.Renu khanna from SAHAJ Baroda, Dr.Shivchander Mathur-Director State Health System Resource Center Jaipur were part of the meeting too.

The organizational partners meeting was organized on 29th October 2009. A total of 21 people attended the Consultation on Mentoring Community Health Fellows’ under the Community Health Fellowship Programme in Madhya Pradesh (MP- CHFP). The participants were from civil society organizations working in health care and development issues. The participants discussed on the roles, responsibilities and terms & conditions of hosting Community health fellows at the field projects.

During the open discussion on whole programme for collective action the suggestions included –

  • Need to work on the corruption issues within the  health systems
  • Looking at the work culture of NGO’s and fellows are encouraged to look from 3 dimensions – Community, NGO and System
  • Looking at mentoring aspect critically and crucially.
  • Locate the mentor and orientation of mentor on theoretical aspects for more clarity.
  • Develop action research plan on 20 different thematic areas.
  • To have a common minimum programme approach where in there will be a minimum guarantee on basic aspects for hosting a fellow this has to be evolved through discussion.
  • Collection of governance report from the partner institutes

Field activities is one of the most important part of Community Health Fellowship Programme.  During the Cluster meeting in Seedhi fellows interacting with the community member on health issues.

CPHE Madhya Pradesh Initiative October 15, 2009

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Centre for Public Health and Equity inaugurated its Resource Centre for Public Health in Madhya Pradesh on 29th October 2010. The CPHE Bhopal office is consolidating and building on the experience of supporting public health policy processes and community action for health by SOCHARA in MP. These have included the response to the Bhopal Gas Disaster, the Rajiv Gandhi Health Missions, the Jan Swasthya Rakshak Programme evaluations, support to the Madhya Pradesh Human Development Report and active involvement in the second National Health Assembly of the Jan Swasthya Abhiyan in Bhopal in 2007. It also uses and builds on the approaches of SOCHARA, CHC and CPHE.

Presently the centre is facilitating the Madhya Pradesh Community Health Fellowship Programme (MP-CHFP) and developing a network for community health and public health. The evolving network has started with NGOs and others working with communities and the health system on  health and development, with civil society organizations, peoples’ movements and academics.